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Business Check Card FAQs


How can I apply for a Business Check Card?

If a business qualifies for a business checking account, they may get a business check card.

Who is authorized to get a Business Check Card on the business checking account?

Anyone listed on the signature card of the business checking account is eligible to receive a Business Check Card. There is a maximum of 30 check cards per business profile.

How many business checking accounts can be tied to the Business Check Card?


How can I use the Business Check Card?

The Business Check Card can be used at point of sale as a signature transaction, PIN based transaction and as an ATM card.

What does ATM transactions include?

ATM transactions include withdrawals, deposits to the business checking account tied to the card, and payments from the business account tied to the card. No transfers are allowed as only one checking account is tied to the card.

What names will be on the Business Check Cards?

The Business Check Card will have both the business name and the employee name embossed on the card.

How are spending limits determined on the Business Check Card?

Each Business Check Card will have a specified spending limit (POS and ATM) to be determined by the business. If no spend limit is selected, Level I limits will be assigned to the Business Check Card

Tier Level

Daily POS Spend Limit

ATM Withdrawal Limit










How will the Business Check Card transactions appear on my business checking account statement?

The business checking account statement will reflect all business check card transactions including the last four digits of the card number to enable identification of the transaction by employee. Transactions will be identified by the words "Check Card."

How do I activate my Business Check Card?

RBC Bank will issue the PIN and mail it to the business address. The mailer will be addressed to the business and employee. The Business Check Card can be activated through RBC Bank’s Automated Telephone Banking service by calling 1-800-236-8872.

Can the business select a customized PIN?

Business Check cardholders will not be able to self select a PIN at account opening. Business Check cardholders can change their system generated PIN at any RBC Bank ATM.