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Business Checking FAQs


How do I open a business checking account?

Stop by your local banking center to open a business checking account.

How can I reorder checks?

You can request new checks by calling 1-800-236-8872 and talking to a Client Service Representative or speak with your local account representative. You can also send us an email.

What is the cost of my checks?

The cost of checks varies depending on the style of checks that you order. In order to review some of these options, you can speak with a Client Service Representative by calling us at 1-800-236-8872 or talk with your local account representative.

What are my options for making a deposit after regular banking center hours?

Mail us a deposit, use a night deposit box at one of our banking centers, or use our Remote Deposit service. Stop by your local banking center to establish the night deposit service or to find out about our Remote Deposit service call the Treasury Management Sales Desk at 1-800-897-6552.

Where should I mail a deposit?

If you can't make it to a banking benter to make a deposit, you can mail it to us:

 RBC Bank
 Attention: CCMD
 1625 N. Church Street
 Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Please remember to allow mail time for posting.

How do I stop a payment on check?

Call us at 1-800-236-8872 and either follow the automated menu options or speak directly with a Client Service Representative. You may also email us. If you utilize our Treasury Connect or webACCESS Treasury Management Service, you may initiate the stop payment through that service.

What's RBC Bank's "routing and transit" number?

Your routing and transit number can be found at the bottom of your checks. RBC Bank's routing and transit numbers are: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama and Largo, Florida - 053100850 and all other Florida Banking Centers - 067012882

How can I get a copy of a check, deposit slip or statement?

Copies of recently cleared checks can be viewed and printed through Online Banking or Treasury Connect. Additionally, copies of checks, deposit slips or statements are available for a small fee depending on the account type. You may request a copy by speaking with a Client Service Representative at 1-800-236-8872, or by sending us an email.

I wrote a check for one amount and it cleared for a different amount. How do I get this corrected?

Please contact a Client Service Representative at 1-800-236-8872 or email us. They will be able to help you clear up any discrepancy.

I already have a Checking Account at RBC Bank. Do I have to open a new account and reorder checks to switch my account type?

No. Stop by your local RBC Bank Office or call 1-800-236-8872 and ask to have your account switched to the new service.

What if I go over the allowed number of transactions on my checking account?

An excess item fee will be charged for each transaction over the allowed number based on your account type. To determine the excess item fee amount for your account type, speak with a Client Service Representative by calling us at 1-800-236-8872 or talk with your local account representative.

If I establish a Business 150 or Business 300 Checking account and find that I am going over my transaction limit, can I change it to a different account type later?

Yes. As your business grows, we can adjust your account to accommodate more transactions.

Should I sign up for Business 300 Complete Checking if I don't need all of the services offered with the package?

It usually makes sense to get Business 300 Complete Checking if you will use at least two of the services included. Of course, the more services you use, the more you save.

Can I sign up for Business 300 Complete Checking and establish some of the services at a later date and still get the package price?

Yes. Just let your Account Manager know you want to add on components to your package when you are ready.

Why would I want the TTaxplus service or Treasury Connect Tax Module for paying my taxes electronically?

With these services, you initiate the credit to the taxing agency and control the date of payment. The payment can be scheduled in advance of the due date. Processing tax payments electronically eliminates the need to rush to a banking center at the last minute to make a payment.