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June/July 2011 Issue

Build a Better Business Plan
A small percentage of business plans get funded. Still, you know your idea has merit.

Can a Business Work for Both Family & Biz?
Families that succeed in business together share several common characteristics worth noting.

Shake Loose of Sunk Costs
Time and money previously invested should not enter into the equation you use to assess which course of action will provide the highest future yield.

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April/May 2011 Issue

Basics of Tax Planning
As an individual taxpayer and business owner you often have options as to when and how to complete a taxable transaction.

Employee Called for Jury Duty
State laws govern your rights and obligations as an employer with respect to your employees’ jury duty obligations.

Lower Your Applicable Tax Rate
There are several strategies for lowering the rate at which income is taxed.

Strategies for Preparing Your 2010 Tax Return
The filing season is here and although 2010 is in the books, it’s not too late to employ some smart strategies.

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February/March 2011 Issue

The Diversification Imperative
The validity of diversification is so well accepted in finance that it is sometimes called the law of diversification. It’s a risk management technique.

Diversification Within the Private Company
Business owners should use the law of diversification within their business to fortify and protect it.

Where to Focus in 2011
The rigor and complexity of business today leave most owner-managers unsure where to focus their limited energies and resources.

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December 2010/January 2011 Issue

Improve Employment Practices in the New Year
The new year provides an opportunity for employers to implement changes in employment policy to lower cost and legal exposure.

Don't Sweat Expanded 1099
New legislation radically expands your obligation to annually issue 1099s.

Minority Shareholder Barriers to Sale
If you don’t own 100% of your company, you should assess whether you have some shareholder-related issues that could hinder a sale.

Small Business Jobs Act of 2010
On September 25, the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 became law. Here are the provisions you should know about.

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October/November 2010 Issue

The Ideal Exit
When the time comes for business owners to sell their businesses, they worry a lot about the impact it will have on their employees.

Paying Commission off Revenue
Cash is king, so why are you paying commission off revenue?

Domain Names You Should Own
Why waste $100 to $1,000 per year and some administrative time on domains with no utility?

It Starts with Lead Generation
You cannot grow revenue and earn high profits without first becoming great at lead generation.

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August/September 2010 Issue

Get Focused, Make More Money
Plan by the month, not by the year. Keep a daily log of three things: bookings, cash collections and owner withdrawals.

Risky Expansion?
When a company embarks on a venture that is high risk, it may make sense to protect the established company from liabilities that will or could arise in the new venture.

Map Guides Owners to Max Payday
While every entrepreneur has his or her unique set of goals, virtually all share in one common - to one day sell for a boatload.

Before You Sign That Agreement
Business owners should arm themselves with knowledge about how to minimize legal and financial exposure, then fully exercise their right to limit and manage liability.

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June/July 2010 Issue

Roth Conversion Decision Made Easy
Whether to convert your retirement account(s) to a Roth is not the same for everyone. It makes good sense for some and less for others.

Economics 101: The Business Cycle
The rhythmic expansion and contraction of the economy over time is referred to as the economic cycle. It's also known as the business cycle.

Statistical Data of Interest - A Long History of Recessions
A timeline with characteristics of past recessions.

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April/May 2010 Issue

Get Your Story Told!
Every business must create awareness. How else do you get your phone to ring? But doing so is tough.

Avoid Common Website Mistakes
Odds are the website mistakes you make are also made by others, so we interviewed two experts on Internet marketing and website optimization - " Steven Schneiderman of Schneiderman Marketing, LLC and Matt Bailey of SiteLogic.

Tax Tips for Business Owners
Though the tax-filing deadline is near, there's no need to panic. You still have time to employ some smart strategies and avoid common problems and hassles.

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February/March 2010 Issue

How to Win on the Web
In the age of the Internet, teams win and lose based on, in whole or in part, their ability to execute on the Web.

Be Your Own Landlord
If you don't own the land and building your business occupies, now's a great time to make it happen.

Business Owner Imperative: Ensure Continuity
As a business owner, your number one priority is to ensure the ongoing existence of the business.

Free Up Cash via ABC Inventory Control
ABC inventory control is a relatively simple, widely used way to wring out cost, improve gross margins and increase inventory turns.

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December 2009/January 2010 Issue

"People Strategy" Important for Businesses
Your culture is too important to be left to develop on its own. It should be part of your carefully crafted business plan and regularly monitored and tweaked.

Tips for Effective Negotiating
Your greatest opportunity to receive a high return on your time is through effective negotiation.

The Sociopath Next Door By Martha Stout - Reviewed by David L. Perkins, Jr.
Sociopaths can and do lie artfully and consistently to get what they want, which is basically wealth, ease and/or simply the pleasure of removing from you those things they wish they had and envy in you (such as true friends, self-respect, trust and faith).

Smart Year-End Tax Moves For Business Owners
You need to act before the end of the year to affect your 2009 return, and now may be the perfect time to put some late-year planning techniques into play.

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October/November 2009 Issue

The Key to Consistent Growth and Profitability
There is but one absolute key to growing an enduringly successful business: continuous investment.

The Power of the Gross Profit Margin
Without a healthy gross profit margin, bottom line profit is almost impossible.

Opportunity in the Economic Downturn
Rest assured, this recession - like all others - will soon pass. Heed our advice and you'll be a better company - larger and more profitable - when the good times return.

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August/September 2009 Issue

Internal Benchmarking: Use Past Performance to Boost Future Profit
Would you like a proven profit enhancement technique that's simple, inexpensive and "do it yourself"? We've got it: internal benchmarking.

Time to Exercise Your Option to Buy Out a Partner?
Do you have partners? If so, do you have a buy-sell agreement in place that gives you the right to buy a partner out anytime you wish based on a valuation methodology that keys off current revenue or profit?

Need to Refinance? New SBA Programs Simply Amazing
You still go to a bank to get the loan or refinancing, but government guarantees help banks say "yes" when they otherwise could not.

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June/July 2009 Issue

Employee Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation and Anti-Piracy Agreements
Business owners should familiarize themselves with the similarities, differences, and general enforceability of non-compete, anti-piracy, non-solicitation and related agreements - and the limitations of each.

Can Your Contracts Also Help "Sell"?
Sure, agreements are important and, once signed, they document binding commitments. But feel free to work with them and rewrite them so they serve you better.

Have a "Most Trusted"? Watch Out!
Research shows that when fraud is perpetrated by employee on employer, it's typically carried out by the employee who is most trusted. The golden boy. Your closest confidante.

Peer Benchmarking: #1 Tool for Improving Your Business
If you, as a business owner, can match the best of your peers in key categories such as inventory turns, collection rates, gross profit margins, labor productivity, etc., then you will secure your place among the 20% who enjoy the spoils of victory.

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April/May 2009 Issue

Optimize Your Organizational Structure to Increase Profit
No matter how automated or established it may be, it's your people who pull the strings that make your business "go".

Now's the Time to Convert to a Roth!
Money held in a Roth IRA can be withdrawn tax-free. Think about it. Income without taxation!

Look Around: You're a Bigger Fish Now
Times are tough. Business is slow for everyone. But for small business owners, life has gotten a lot better.

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February/March 2009 Issue

Profit Enhancement Through Cost Reduction: The Time Is Now
The current financial crisis is the result of excessive debt-fueled spending at every level - individual, business and government. The remedy is simple: spend less, waste less.

Don't Forget to Fund Your Retirement Savings Plans by April 15!
The maximum contributions for 2008.

First Step Toward Profit Enhancement? Break Down Employee Resistance
Harry Lay, an expert on profit maximization in small and midsize companies, says the first step must be to break down employee resistance to higher profits.

Cost Drivers and Where to Look to Lower Cost
The only way to survive and profit is to continually lower operating costs, however, can be a challenge.

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December2008/January 2009 Issue

Liability Is Your Biggest Exposure: Are You Covered?
Liability exposures are unique in that loss amounts are very difficult to estimate and they are determined, often subjectivly, by others.

From The President, Business and Retail Banking Strategy
The importance of risk management.

Nine Steps to Smart Risk Management
Only by skillfully managing the multitude of potential perils will your business endure.

Risk Management: A Business Owner Imperative
Bad things happen to businesses too, so if you want your business to endure, identify what can hurt your business and find ways to protect it.

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October/November 2008 Issue

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Want to save some serious time and money? Place mediation and arbitration clauses in your business contracts and agreements.

From The President, Business and Retail Banking Strategy
The gaining acceptance of ADR.

What You Need to Know About ADR
The profitability and value of a company can be tied to its dispute- and litigation-management practices.

Drafting Your ADR Clause: The Basic Six
There are a lot of different provisions one could include in an ADR clause, but most will contain some combination of the basic six.

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August/September 2008 Issue

The Logical Buyer for Your Business
Smaller businesses almost always sell to individuals. As a business' annual profits rise over $500,000, industry players in the geographic area will start to enter the arena.

From The President, Business and Retail Banking Strategy
Keys things to consider when thinking about selling your business.

Boom to Bust in Four Years: Don't Let It Happen to You
Learning from the mistakes of other business owners.

Dealing with Confidentiality When Selling Your Business
The most troublesome issue when selling a business is dealing with the confidentiality issue in a way that also allows the owner to find a good buyer in a reasonable amount of time.

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June/July 2008 Issue

The One Thing You Need to Know
What is the one thing that most reliably determines the success or failure of a business?

Before You Borrow from (or Lend to) Your Company
Know the necessary IRS precautions* before you borrow to, or lend from, from your company.

Quick, Effective Business Writing
Do business letters take too much time to write? Are you uncomfortable with writing? Do you avoid it? Follow advice to begin using your writing as an asset, not a curse.

From The President - Business and Retail Banking Strategy
Thoughts, perspectives, and perceptions of the current "economic crisis".

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April/May 2008 Issue

Manage Effectively in Slow Economic Times
Anyone can manage during good times. But when the economy turns down, businesses can fail because of poor management. What should you do differently during a recession?

What You Need to Know About Appraisals
Many appraisals are not worth the paper they are written on. So to help you build a framework to more accurately understand appraisals of any type of asset - real estate, autos, boats, jewelry and businesses - here are two important things you need to know.

Fraud Prevention
Lessons Learned from Société Générale’s $7.2 Billion Loss

From The President - Business and Retail Banking Strategy
At RBC Bank, it's our goal to not only earn the right to be your first choice in financial services, but to equip you with valuable information to help you achieve your goals and do giant things with your business.

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