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Anti-Virus Software


Viruses and worms, malicious programs that are transmitted over the Internet or replicate over a computer network, can spread quickly and wreak havoc on personal computers and corporate networks. To protect your computer and network, you should always use up-to-date antivirus software capable of scanning files and e-mail messages for viruses.

How does anti-virus software protect my computer?

By scanning your files and e-mail messages for viruses, anti-virus software can prevent your files from being corrupted or lost, and save you hours of frustration trying to restore an infected computer system. Anti-virus software can also protect you from dangerous Trojan Horses, programs that allow others to gain control of your computer system remotely without your knowledge or consent. These programs can capture and send your personal information.

Where do I get anti-virus software and how can I keep it up to date?

A variety of anti-virus software packages are available on the market today. Many of these products install anti-virus updates to your computer automatically, as long as you have the update feature enabled.