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Preventing Fraud in Your Business


Check Fraud Protection

  • Ensure your checks such as those found in our Deluxe Check products incorporate security features that help combat counterfeiting.
  • Always store your checks, deposit slips, bank statements and other documents in a secure location.
  • Shred cancelled checks and old statements, or store under the same security as your un-issued checks.
  • Reconcile your bank statement daily or through Online Banking.
  • Subscribe to Positive Pay to expedite your check reconciliation process.
  • Ensure your check order is complete and there are no missing checks.  Report missing checks to your bank/check supplier immediately.
  • Don't leave blank spaces on the payee and amount lines.
  • Use dark ink that can't be easily erased or covered over.
  • Have different accounts for different functions, for example, one for payroll, one for accounts payable, check issuance etc. for easier reconciliation.
  • Enroll in Online Money Management, which provides quick and easy account reconciliation, at your convenience.