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Reporting ID Theft


If you think you are a victim of identity theft or account fraud and you are an RBC client, please contact your branch immediately or call our 24/7 telephone line at 1-800-236-8872.  RBC Bank will work with you in an effort to make appropriate corrections of unauthorized transactions in your accounts, as well as provide guidance and support.

We also suggest that you immediately:

  • Call the fraud departments of any one of the three major credit bureaus to place a “fraud alert” on your file.  This will ensure creditors call you before they open any more accounts in your name.  As soon as the credit bureau confirms your fraud alert, the other two credit bureaus will be automatically notified.

    Equifax        1-888-766-0008
    Experian      1-888-397-3742
    TransUnion  1-800-680-7289

  • Contact your local police and ask to file a report.  Even if the police can’t catch the identity thief, having a police report can help you clearing up your credit later on.
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Filing a complaint helps the FTC gather more information about identity theft.  Call the identity theft hotline at 1-877-IDTHEFT (438-4338).  The hotline is staffed with counselors trained to help victims.  You may also file a complaint online at
  • Complete the identity theft affidavit , which will assist you in proving to each of the companies where accounts were opened in your name that you didn’t create the debt.