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Security Mechanisms


We use several layers of robust and proven security mechanisms, technologies and processes to provide you with secure access to your accounts and information online. These mechanisms are constantly evaluated by our experts to ensure that we provide the strongest protection for you and include:

  • Sign-In Protection - Like a second lock on a door, Sign-In Protection adds an extra barrier between our clients’ online accounts and any unauthorized users. This feature works from any location, whether a user is signing in from a public computer or from home. Users respond to unique personal verification questions with answers only they would know, such as the year and model of their first car or their favorite vacation spot. Sign-In Protection prevents access to Online Banking information from any computer it doesn't recognize unless the personal verification answers are correct.

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  • Secure Socket Layer - When you successfully login to Online Banking using an authentic user ID and password, our web servers will establish a secure socket Layer (SSL) connection with your computer. This allows you to communicate with us privately and prevents any other computers from seeing anything in our SSL connection – you can conduct online transactions safely. SSL provides a high level of encrypted security and helps verify that sensitive information sent over the Internet during online transactions remains confidential.
  • Firewalls - We use a robust infrastructure of firewalls to block unauthorized access to our servers.
  • Computer Anti-Virus Protection - We use the latest Anti-Virus software to detect and prevent viruses from entering our computer network systems.

Ensuring Your Safety

Find out how these security mechanisms ensure our communications with you are safe, and learn what steps we take to fight fraud.