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Choose the bottom-line advantages of leasing to preserve your capital and credit for growth. RBC Bank offers flexible payment structures, quick approval cycles and a variety of end-of-lease options to best match your company’s needs. Our professionals will help structure a lease that meets cash flow, balance sheet and tax requirements.

Finance Leases

Also called capital leases or lease purchases, finance leases let companies purchase equipment with a life beyond the lease term.

  • Covers the anticipated life of the equipment
  • End-of-lease buyout option
  • Leased asset can be amortized and depreciated

Operating Leases

Operating leases, also called true tax or fair market value leases, allow companies to have full use of equipment without the burdens of ownership and capital expenses.

  • Terms are shorter than the useful life of the equipment
  • Option to return equipment at the end of the lease
  • Payments may qualify as expenses
  • Improves return on asset by lowering asset base

TRAC (Terminal Residual Adjustment Clause) Leases

Used for over-the-road vehicles, like heavy trucks and trailers, this lease offers all the benefits of an operating, or true tax, lease and a guaranteed residual value at the end of the lease.

Municipal Lease-Purchase Agreements

This lease allows municipalities to pay for equipment or facilities using tax revenues.

RBC Bank loans and leases are subject to credit approval.


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