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Employee Services


Attract and retain your best employees with a benefits package that includes trusted, personalized services from RBC Bank. Start with the convenience of payroll direct deposit, then join forces with RBC Bank to offer “Working for You,” our exclusive banking benefits program for employees.

Direct Deposit

Simplify life for your employees while your company saves times and money with direct deposit. We'll automatically transfer funds from your company's payroll account to each employee's personal bank account—wherever they bank. Plus, by participating in direct deposit you may also offer “Working for You” as an employee benefit. Learn more about Direct Deposit.

Working for You

Give your employees a valuable benefit at NO COST to you - exclusive access to the RBC banking benefits program, “Working for You.” Together, we can give your employees the everyday banking services they need with the exceptional service, convenience and value they deserve.

Payroll Card

Pay employees who do not have a traditional banking relationship safely and easily. Using your direct deposit system, funds in the amount of an employee's paycheck will be pre-loaded onto a Visa* debit card.