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Corporate & Purchasing Cards


Put the convenience of Visa* credit cards to work for your company and streamline your purchasing system to reduce processing costs, improve productivity and increase efficiency. Through our relationship with U.S. Bank, RBC Bank offers specialized Visa Business products, including the Visa Corporate Card1 and the Visa Purchasing Card2.

Visa Corporate and Purchasing cards are flexible enough to meet your company's accounting requirements while delivering these and other valuable benefits:

  • Monitor and control travel and entertainment expenses
  • Analyze and reconcile expenses using automated reports
  • Assign spending controls and limits by individual employees
  • Coordinate centralized billing with your accounting cycle
  • Minimize the need for purchase orders
  • Buy and receive goods faster

Fees and Interest

Membership Fee: $0-$75 per card (depending on overall program charge volume)

Payment in full is required each month (APR not applicable)

1 Visa Corporate card is for companies that spend more than $250,000 per year on travel and entertainment or with annual sales greater than $25 million, subject to credit approval.

2 Visa Purchasing card is subject to credit approval.

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