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Investment & Funding


Make the most of every available dollar with Investment & Funding solutions through RBC Bank. Simply choose the flexible and convenient investment options that fit your business needs.

Investment & Funding services include:

Automatic Investment Plan (AIP Sweep)

Earn more from your bank account with AIP Sweep. Checking balances in excess of your pre-set target balance are automatically moved into an investment plan. As you write checks or make withdrawals, the cash you need will be available, always leaving excess funds invested for maximum earnings. Investment options include:

  • Commercial Paper (Master Note)1 - Issued by Royal Bank of Canada, New York Branch.
  • Repurchase Agreements1 - An interest in RBC Bank's portfolio of securities issued, or guaranteed as to principal and interest by, the United States of America or a duly authorized agency thereof, or by a governement-sponsored enterprise.
  • Secured Public Sweep - investments for public entities; fully backed by collateral according to statutory and regulatory requirements.

Automatic Investment Plan Plus (AIP Plus)

Manage investment and borrowing needs with AIP Plus. By linking your operating account to a line of credit and an investment, RBC Bank can help your company reduce overdraft fees, minimize expense, and maximize earnings. AIP Plus invests exclusively in the Commercial Paper investment option.

At the end of each transaction day, if you need funds to cover expenses, we automatically withdraw from your investment account or, when necessary, your approved line of credit. And, on days with excess funds in your bank account, AIP Plus first pays down your line of credit to minimize interest expense and then invests any remaining balance to maximize earnings.

Controlled Disbursement

Manage your daily cash position and short-term investments effectively with Controlled Disbursement. Each morning, you'll receive information online via Treasury Connect about the checks that will post against your account overnight. This advanced notice can help your business:

  • Improve cash forecasting
  • Reduce short-term cash holdings
  • Increase interest-rate yields
  • Improve short-term investment decisions
  • Minimize short-term borrowing
  • Eliminate overdrafts

Zero Balance Accounts

When different departments or locations write checks from separate RBC Bank accounts, Zero Balance Accounts can help fund those accounts with the exact amount needed, eliminating the need for manual balance transfers and reducing the possibility of overdraft situations.

1Investment are:






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