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Increase the accuracy, efficiency and security of account reconciliation processes with Reconciliation solutions from RBC Bank. These services can help you reduce paperwork, streamline account management and minimize clerical expenses.

Check Reconciliation

RBC Bank Check Reconciliation services help streamline reconciliation processes by providing you with an electronic file of paid checks. Choose from:

  • Full Reconciliation – RBC Bank matches your check issue information against the checks that have paid on your account and provides you with an electronic reconciliation file to upload to your accounting system
  • Partial Reconciliation – RBC Bank provides you with an electronic file of checks that have paid on your account to upload to your accounting system

For added protection, you can also select the following features:

  • Control over stale-dated and void or cancelled checks
  • Maximum dollar amount limits on paid checks
  • Duplicate serial number notification

Deposit Reconciliation

If you operate multiple offices, stores or branches, RBC Bank can help you achieve accurate and efficient accounting without opening — or balancing — multiple accounts. Deposit Reconciliation identifies the origin of each deposit and makes monthly or weekly reports, as well as your daily transaction information available on Treasury Connect.


Manage cancelled checks without the hassle by switching to CheckACCESS. Receive a CD or DVD-ROM of your check images at the end of each statement period. CheckACCESS improves safety and flexibility by allowing you to:

  • View front and back of your paid checks
  • Sort checks by number, amount or date paid
  • Magnify specific check areas, such as endorsement, process date, etc. for easier viewing
  • Control access with password

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