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Fraud Protection


Preventing fraud is a top priority for businesses today. From protecting account information to safeguarding operating funds, RBC Bank can help you benefit from cutting-edge fraud protection technologies.

Fraud Protection services include:

Electronic Payment Block

Safeguard valuable information and resources by setting up Electronic Payment Blocks on accounts that will not have Automated Clearing House (ACH) activity. This block completely prevents all ACH transactions — debits and credits — and helps us alert you of potentially threatening activity.

Electronic Payment Authorization (EPA)

With the proactive vigilance of EPA, RBC Bank will only post ACH transactions to your account when they match criteria set by you. Set general or specific parameters—from maximum debit amounts to detailed payee information – and allow one-time-only transactions or recurring deposits and credits.

Positive Pay

Reduce potential fraud losses and pay only the checks you write with Positive Pay. Simply send us electronic data files about each of your check runs. When checks are presented for payment, we will only pay the ones that match your files. Each day, you can easily review discrepancies on Treasury Connect and tell us which items to pay or return.


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