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Electronic Payments


Improve cash flow control and reduce administrative time associated with writing checks for payments. Save time and money while avoiding the costly errors often associated with manual transactions. Electronic Payment Solutions from RBC Bank help you manage payments with ease.

Electronic Payment services include:

ACH Credit Origination Services*

Reduce accounts payable paperwork and administrative time with our cost-effective ACH Credit Origination Services. Use this service for:

  • Employee Direct Deposit: Electronically send pay checks, expense reimbursements, bonuses or commissions to employees' accounts at any bank in the U.S.
  • Tax Payments: Remit federal and state tax payments (payroll, sales, fuel, etc) electronically.
  • Vendor Payments: Send payments electronically to vendors and suppliers.
  • Other Applications: Dividends, interest payments, and more.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Improve customer service by eliminating paper transactions. Instead, exchanging payment information, along with your payments, electronically. EDI can help you reduce paper documentation while making faster and more accurate payments and remittances to your trading partners.

*Subject to credit approval


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