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Association Management Banking



Streamline collections, enhance association management and take advantage of the latest technology with banking services from Smartstreet, a division of RBC Bank.

Smartstreet provides integrated banking and cash management services for community associations and managers across the country. Smartstreet’s services are designed specifically to help associations and managers control administrative time, eliminate expenses and maximize interest earnings.

Because we work exclusively in financial services for the association market, we’re able to focus entirely on the needs of managers and staff to provide simpler, easier, better ways to collect payments, manage finances, and conduct daily banking. As a result, we’re also helping them save both time and money.

The full-service suite of cost-effective banking and technology service from Smartstreet includes:

  • Online banking & cash management tools
  • Lockbox & ACH service
  • Online research and exception processing
  • Remote deposit capture/onsite check scanning
  • Online assessment payments options - eCheck or credit cards
  • High-level customer service
  • Association and management company loans
  • CDs eligible for up to $50 million in deposit insurance under FDIC regulations

To find our more about our Smartstreet services, call us toll free at 1-888-705-0600 or send an email today.