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Treasury Management


Save time, reduce costs and improve your organization's cash flow with RBC Bank Treasury Management tools.

Secured Public Sweep

Earn interest on balances above an established minimum or target with this specialized account. Recommended for balances of $500,000 or greater.

Direct Deposit

Save time and money with automated payment solutions. With Direct Deposit, you can electronically send pay checks, expense reimbursements, bonuses or commissions to employees' accounts at any bank in the U.S. Learn more about Direct Deposit.

Lockbox Services

Optimize accounts receivable management with RBC Bank Lockbox Services. Simply direct payments (addressed to your organization) to an assigned post office box, and dedicated RBC staff will collect remittances, open and process payments, and deposit them in your designated account(s). Learn more about Lockbox Services.

Remote Deposit*

Manage daily deposit activity efficiently and conveniently. Simply transmit deposits from your desktop using a desktop scanner and the RBC Web-based application. With Remote Deposit, you can increase accuracy, boost security and leverage custom reporting options. Learn more about Remote Deposit.

To learn more about Treasury Management services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

*Subject to credit approval


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