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Introducing the new RBC Rewards Program. Now you can earn points faster, combine points, finally enjoy travel with no restrictions and more! Every purchase brings you closer to great rewards when you use an RBC Bank personal or business credit card. Best of all, it's FREE!

From gasoline fill-ups and grocery runs to office equipment and Internet service, every dollar you spend using your card means more points toward valuable rewards. RBC Bank credit cards make it easy to manage your home or business expenses, track spending and get more for your purchases.

Enroll in our free RBC Rewards program and earn 500 bonus points with your first RBC Bank credit card1 purchase, or 1000 points when you enroll in RBC Rewards Plus.

Special Offer on RBC Bank Credit Cards!

Right now, you can take advantage of this special offer on personal and business credit cards and create a quicker path to real rewards. Here’s how it works:

  • Get 3,000 Bonus RBC Rewards Points when you receive and use your new card.2
  • Add 500 More Rewards Points when you register your card with RBC Rewards

That's 3,500 Total Rewards Points - enough to redeem for a $25 gift card!

Check out the Rewards Points Calculator to see how easy it is to start earning points!

Plus, if you choose to upgrade to RBC Rewards Plus, we’ll give you another 500 points when you first use your new card, for a total of 4,000!

Already a cardholder?

Great! Be sure to register both your credit and check cards for RBC Rewards today and get 500 points for each one! Just visit and click the “Register Now” button.

Pool Your Points

What's really exciting about the RBC Rewards Program is that unlike any other credit or check card rewards program, only RBC Bank now lets you pool your points.

  • Combine your personal credit card points into one account so you can earn even faster.
  • Only RBC Rewards lets you invite others to join your pool! You can combine your personal RBC Rewards account with any other RBC Rewards credit cardholders. Simply go to to combine your accounts or invite your friends and family to join your pool!
  • Businesses can either roll up all your points to one master account for your entire business. Or your employees can earn their individual business credit card points. Or mix and match. The choice is yours. For more information contact your RBC Bank Business Banker.

There are hundreds of ways to reward yourself.

Enjoy great shopping, terrific dining, exciting adventures and more. Rewards include: free flights, hotel stays, gift cards and national retailers, cruises, vacation packages and weekend getaways and car rental certificates (some restrictions may apply).

Finally, travel without restrictions!

Love to travel but frustrated by all the restrictions of other Rewards' programs? Redeem your points for a trip with our My Way Rewards travel option and enjoy NO blackout dates, NO seat restrictions, NO Saturday night stays or other restrictions. Plus, the best news of all, you choose the airline, car rental, hotel, cruise or tour supplier. So enjoy your rewards, your way!

Redeem Points Easily

Redeem points anytime by shopping online or calling our Redemption Service Center at 1-877-521-2035. And, if you don't have enough points for the reward you want, call and ask us about purchasing additional points in 1,000-point increments. 

Want to Earn Points Even Faster?

Enroll in RBC Rewards Plus and earn points faster. For a low annual program fee of $55, you'll start earning 1.5 points for every $1 you charge on your credit card. Call 1-888-257-6837 today to upgrade.

Watch Your Points Add Up

Choose the Rewards program that's right for you.

  Rewards Rewards Plus

Personal Credit Cards


$1 = 1 Point $1 = 1.5 Points

Personal Check Cards

(Available with personal checking accounts)   

$3 = 1 Point n/a

Business Credit Cards


$1 = 1 Point $1 = 1.5 Points

Business Check Cards

(Available with business checking accounts)

$3 = 1 Point n/a

* RBC Bank is licensee of the trademark.

1 Bonus points are not eligible on purchases made with RBC Bank Visa* Check Card.

2 Subject to approval.