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Business Remote Deposit*


Remote Deposit allows you to deposit checks from your office at your convenience throughout the day. By using a desktop scanner and web-based application, you can efficiently capture check images and safely transmit them to the bank. Enjoy the benefits of reduced deposit preparation, transportation costs, and time spent away from the office. View the Remote Deposit Demo.

Extend your banking day

Avoid rushing to the bank to make your deposit before the deadline. Take advantage of extended deposit times beyond the normal banking center cut-off time for same-day deposit credit to your account as well as the added convenience of transmitting deposits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Faster Availability of Your Funds

With a later deposit deadline, funds from checks deposited after the standard banking center cut-off time will become available sooner than they would if they were deposited at a banking center, meaning you may have faster access to your funds.

Rely on our Technology and Control Features for Added Security

Remote Deposit uses state of the art encryption to ensure secure transmissions. Our Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR) and Legal Amount Recognition (LAR) technology provides greater accuracy for capturing the scanned check amounts. Additionally, each check item created in the system is checked twice for validity, and the system automatically screens for duplicate checks. You can also establish per-check, per-deposit, daily deposit submission and ticket approval limits.

Streamline Cash Flows

Your main business and all satellite locations can make deposits to your bank accounts at RBC Bank. Consolidation of your deposits leads to streamlined cash flows for your business.

Faster Return Item Notification

Later deposit deadlines allow for faster overall check clearing times. As such, RBC Bank can provide faster notification of returned checks.

Remote Deposit Reporting Options:

  • Print a deposit report including check images as soon as deposit batch is created and saved
  • Check images are stored in the TIF format and retained for 45 calendar days
  • Reporting data is retained in the system for 63 calendar days
  • Create custom reports by using drop-down boxes to filter data by criteria such as date ranges, account numbers and location ID codes
  • Export check images and reporting data

*Subject to credit approval