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Official Checks

Official Checks are bank checks that guarantee funds availability and are available at any RBC Bank banking center. An official check is similar to a cashier's check and is widely accepted by corporations and individuals as a reputable means of payment.

Travelers Checks

Traveler’s checks can be issued by RBC Bank and work like cash but are protected against loss or theft. Traveler's checks are useful when traveling, especially in case of overseas travel when some credit and debit cards are not accepted. At RBC Bank you have the choice of Regular Travelers Checks or Checks for Two, which allow two people to sign them and each able to use them with a single signature.

Order Checks

If you have a need to use any of the checks described here, please stop by your local RBC Bank banking center to order them today!

1When ordering Official Checks or Traveler’s Checks at RBC Bank you may incur a fee.